Candle Safety

We care about keeping our customers safe when using our products, so here are a few candle burning safety tips for in the home:

  • Keep candles out of any draughts and also ensure they are not too close to a heat source, both of these factors can cause the flame to smoke and burn unevenly.
  • Always display candles on steady heat resistant surfaces and also make sure they are not placed too closely to any flammable materials such as curtains.
  • Once your candle has been extinguished and cooled, remove any charred pieces of wick to prevent a smoky flame when it is next lit.
  • It is obviously never a good idea to leave a burning candle unattended- especially around children, one can never be over cautious when it comes to an open flame.
We hope this has been helpful, but if you have any questions please feel free to ask us! Send us an email on and I will get back to you shortly. And lastly, if you’d like the chance to be featured on our social media, tag us in your pictures of you enjoying your products with @oswaldstreecandleco.
Enjoy your candle calm!